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The Purple Pipe

Abrantes, Portugal

year: 2014
status: -
type: competition - urban intervention
area: -
cost: -


A pipe transports water from the River Tagus


There is a purple pipe

emerges from the footstep of a doorway


There is a purple pipe

Snaking through the city of Abrantes.

Water spreads across the hilly city


As the city grows,

houses start to take over the streets.

There is a purple pipe later

surfacing from the ground, the wall and the sky


In the midst of a summer day, the Sun heats up every person in Portugal.

One day in the city of Abrantes, there appears a purple pipe.

A kid climbs onto it, another steps upon it.

The Purple Pipe is stirred up,

Bursting through the hole a cloud of mist.


In the city of Abrantes,

the Sun lights up every corner of the streets, and

melt down every person on the alley.

The passer-by rests in the shade,

leaning against the pole, without knowing which is the spine of the Purple Pipe

The Purple Pipe sprinkles a swirl of water.


The Cicada screams noisily in the heat.

Everyone has their eyes squinted,

Seeing in front of them a blurry vision of plants and houses, or

just a patch of yellow, green, red and purple.

The cicada rests silent for a while,

The Purple Pipe rattles.

Water churns, droplet starts comforting the thirty soil.








Once upon a time, in a quiet city of the Abrantes,

there lived groups of families

enjoying liveliness with their neighbour.

Houses emerged then vanished then rise again

The River flooded and later receded

Plants creep through the untamed corners

The Purple invades the city one day

wriggling on the ground

climbing up the wall

scratching the sky

Water bursts and splashs

to every passer-by

and drips and leaks

onto every alley,

flourishing once again the occupant of

the houses, the streets and the city.



 Text: Loky Leung

Design Team: Wendy Hui, Loky Leung


The project is a submission to the Open Call for Urban Intervention Projects for 180 Creative Camp organized by Canal 180, an open source TV channel in Portugal. The contest is looking for urban strategies and creative approaches on the public space and intends to explore the role of different artistic fields as a form of mobilizing and stimulating contemporary towns. The intervention area situates in the old town area of Abrantes in Portugal.