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Banqueting Hall

The Peak, Hong Kong

year: 2010
status: concept design
type: private house facilities
area: 175m2
cost: undisclosed


Situated at The Peak, the single aspect space enjoys a full length window overlooking the entire Victoria Habour. 

The space is perceived as a Grand Hall for entertainment with no imposed separations throughout. Layering and definitions is achieved by furniture arrangement only, giving the users maximum flexibility. One draws reference to the classical Banqueting Hall of the Tudor and Jacobean Period. The design unifies the 22m long rectangular space by inserting a ribbed coffer pattern of 450mm deep to the otherwise monotonous ceiling surface. All E&M provisions are neatly accommodated within this added depth. The end points of the ceiling ribs are designed to coincide with the existing window frames and columns, helping to frame the view beyond.

To increase the breathability of the space, the walls and ceiling are completely applied with natural clay plaster, other than the pale blonde timber ribs. The existing floor is covered over with pale grey resin bonded granular stone floor with bands mirroring the ceiling pattern.


Design Team: Raymond Leung, Jai Yip