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Red Cross Humanitarian Experience Space

Hong Kong

year: 2013
status: concept stage
type: archive/ museum
area: 700m2
cost: undisclosed


RED CROSS HEXPACE/ Red Cross Humanitarian Experience Space

– on the 7th floor of the future Red Cross Headquarters

 “For all we can, in one way or another, each in his own sphere and within his own limitations, do something to help the good work (Humanitarian Service) forward.”



Red Cross Founder J. Henry Dunant

To engage with and experience from perspectives of others are the key to start understanding the concept of humanitarian.  The challenge for the project is how to create a stimulating setting that accommodates 

growing archival materials (Red Cross has 187 National Societies carrying out different humanitarian projects worldwide);

changing exhibits (various themes including war, refugees, mines, tsunami and earthquakes); and

different user groups (individual visitors, group visitors, researchers, youth and volunteers)


Do we produce an exhibition each time when there is a new theme?  Or do we allow a set-up which its exhibition contents can be changed?  If a systematic archival system can be set up right at the beginning, could that create a more USEFUL and LASTING spatial design?  The spatial design hence focuses on the museum narrative backbone and the experience effect.

Spatially, a 25m x 8m box is introduced at the centre to create a separate EXPLORATION ZONE where groups can experience from victim’s perspectives in a black-box environment.  Surrounding the box is the IN-BETWEEN ZONE and the TEEN ZONE.   The IN-BETWEEN ZONE is a personal curating exhibition area where visitors can choose to retrieve stories through devices that stimulate your senses (tactile, audio and visual). The TEEN ZONE is a landscape where different scenarios can play out, be it the discussion forum, e-meetings or the law-court experience.  The outer wall of the box is wrapped with RED CROSS WALL that stores and signifies the growing number of CUBEs (Humanitarian projects).  Each CUBE is mounted on the wall during an award ceremony, and is also the access to the digital archive.

 The design is the backdrop with props, and is only completed through the additional of digital materials and actions of the visitors: the retrieval of a token from a selected red cross box, the playing of the sound recordings, the projection of images, the role-playing of games…


Design Team: Annette Chu, Gabriel Lee, Melissa Tsang, in association with JCDISI