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Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

year: 2011
status: tender bidding
type: government administrative building
area: 9500m2
cost: -


The fourth façade. 

The roof of the HMA Administrative Building to the Hong Kong- Zhuhai- Macau Bridge plays the most significant element for comprehending the building.

By adopting an equilateral triangle, the same length on each arm of the building suggests the equal importance of the three major cities in the Greater Pearl River Delta.   It also creates one continuous circulation loop without spatial hierarchy to house the multiple departments within the same building.  The introduction of a central courtyard provides views for the office spaces as well as providing better natural lighting conditions. Hence most office spaces have either a view to the sea or to the central courtyard, which further strengthen this idea of achieving a good working environment for all office spaces. Access to the courtyard is available from both ground floor and first floor. The west-facing arm is not ideal for office use as the sunlight at dawn would shine into the building directly therefore it is now mainly occupied by plant equipment, this way the equipment is also hidden to the road users on the highway.  Car parking spaces are now within the building area on the ground floor

Since this building is near to the airport and is the first, or last, obvious building travellers will see, the façade design plays with the change in perception of presence and absence to give a rhythmic reading from the car experience.  Carefully designed double-glazing has been used in the facade treatment to meet the noise control requirements. Punched windows, provide an overhang of 0.5m for shading on the first floor. All users are provided with roller blinds for individual solar control, providing a comfortable office environment that supports productivity and wellbeing. The roof, being an important facade, is kept out from any plant equipment. Two different shades of plantings are used to give a distinct triangular roofing pattern which is visible from above. This green roof also gives better thermal insulation to the building. Solar panels and PV panels on the roof generate sufficient electricity to supply hot water throughout the HMA. These all contributing to the achievement of BEAM Gold Standard.


Client: Dragages Hong Kong

Design Team: Annette Chu, Calvin Lau, William Au-Yeung

Other consultants: Urbis, Mott MacDonald

(master planning drawing by Urbis)